Working From Home · Danielle

I work as a Program Manager and a community health worker at a community health center in Roxbury, MA. Patients can get referred by their providers to me and my volunteer staff, and we connect them to resources that can address their social needs. Pre-Covid, my volunteers and I sat at a physical desk at the health center, and we could meet with clients face to face if they had questions, or needed to come in to pick up free clothes and baby supplies. Post-covid, I’ve had to train an entire staff via Zoom, and clients can no longer contact us directly- they need to leave us a voicemail and we call them back. My volunteers don’t come onsite at all. I work onsite once a week now, but only to handle things that I can’t handle virtually from home. We reduced our clothing and baby supplies resource capacity because I don’t have an onsite staff. It’s difficult, because the economic impact of this pandemic has definitely increased the need.